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Despite dramatic improvements in AI, most conversational interfaces still follow handcrafted scripts. Sway from the script and you get an ‘I don't understand’ response. Your customers deserve better than that.


Drawing on research in computational linguistics, I implement sophisticated dialogue management approaches that exceed the common state-based or slot-filling strategies you see in most systems.

Full-Stack Development

From messaging platform to back-end system integration; from prototype to deployment. I'll take care of transforming your idea into a chatbot or voice assistant skill.


The process of training a bot never ends. Analyzing chat logs will tell how your customers are using your bot and how it can be made even smarter. I'll ensure your bot stays responsive and engaging.

About me

I started out my career as a software engineer but the past 4 years I’ve been teaching Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Concurrent Programming at the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. I’ve also lectured Statistics at the University of Groningen. 

I’m fascinated by the question of how we can make computers understand natural language. Of particular interest is the topic of dialogue management as I believe is the missing link for developing successful conversational interfaces.

Together with my students I’ve been building dialogue systems that can learn, reason and converse in a variety of domains. I’m excited about the recent surge of interest in chatbots, but think that most bots that are being released are not as impressive as they could be.

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