Hide MS Access window from code

Suppose you're building an application in MS Access, and your user interface consists of only one form. You don't want to show the main application window, just the form you've designed. The most obvious way to do this is by making your form a popup form and do a call to the Windows API [crayon-5b793fd443481330770979/] from the Form_Open event to hide the main Access window. This will work, but there is a catch. Your application won't be visible anymore in the windows taskbar and will easily get lost behind other programs. (more…)


Printing from EXTRA! Basic.

Attachmate EXTRA! is terminal emulation software to connect to mainframes. Part of this software is a Basic interpreter that allows you to write automation macros that do screenscraping on terminal screens. The scripting language used is called Extra Basic. Scripts have the extension .ebm, which stands for Extra Basic Macro. This scripting language is a lot like Visual Basic, or QBasic and most code you can simply Copy & Paste. But there are differences. At work, when extending an old macro (made by a now retired colleague) with printing capabilities I ran into some limitations of Extra Basic. In QBasic there used to be a command LPRINT to send text to a line printer. Neither Visual Basic or Extra Basic have this command. To print from Visual Basic you use the Printer object, but to print from Extra Basic you need another approach. (more…)

By Aswin van Woudenberg, ago