How to create your own screenmate

bird.gifEverybody has seen them, those little creatures that look and act like they live inside your computer. If you’re interested in creating your own screenmate, here is a little program that I put together a couple of years ago that shows you how this can be done. In this specific example I used some API calls to set the region of a window.

A region determines  the area within the window where the operating system permits drawing. The operating system does not display any portion of a window that lies outside of the window region. A timer takes care of animation. Using some VBA you can even have it notify you of incoming e-mail. Check out the included documentation for details.

There a several ways in which a screenmate can be implemented. If I would create a similar program again I’d probably use another technique, perhaps windows transparency. The Win32 assembly source code is included. The assembler used is masm32. Enjoy!