Supercharging the Nabaztag

The Nabaztag is a WiFi enabled ambient device shaped like a bunny. It has moveable ears, a speaker, several LEDs, and a button on its head. The second generation (the one I have) also has a microphone, an RFID sensor, and supports MP3 audio streams.

These Nabaztag bunnies rely on a server to function. Originally the company that produced these things provided for one but after they went bankrupt in 2009, thousands of these devices were rendered useless.

Luckily, various alternative servers were developed. These servers often make use of plugins to give the connected bunnies certain abilities. Extending your bunny with new capabilities requires some programming skills if there is no existing plugin that already does what you want.

I developed my own Nabaztag server in Prolog that you can download from this repository. Instead of making use of plugins to extend a Nabaztag’s capabilities, my server simply forwards all events to an IFTTT webhook. The server also exposes an API to do things like play audio, flash LEDs, move the ears, do TTS, etc. This API can be called from the IFTTT platform.

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