Hi! My name is Aswin van Woudenberg. I’m a lecturer at the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and freelance software developer.

My interests include artificial intelligence, dialogue systems and logic programming. In my free time I like to do long distance hikes and backpacking. I also play the piano and guitar.

Some random facts about me:

  • Growing up, I first wanted to be a carpenter. In my teens I set my mind on becoming a professional musician. I ended up studying computer science, which was a good choice as it was something I was actually good at.
  • My favorite beverage is Coca-Cola. I don’t like any other brand, and it has to be the original sugary version.
  • My favorite city is Singapore. It’s not the best for hiking though.
  • I lived in Tenerife for two years where I learned Spanish while working in hotels.
  • I think watching sports is boring as hell and a waste of time.
  • I got really into k-pop after visiting Seoul for the first time. My favorite group is Blackpink. Lisa is my bias.
  • I’ve never drank alcohol in my entire life.
  • When people ask me about my (Indian) first name I often tell them I was adopted by an Indian family (not true by the way) and do a little Bollywood dance.
  • I’m a vegetarian because I adore animals.
  • I want to retire far from civilization in a little cabin by a lake surrounded by tall trees with two dogs and a cat.
  • I dislike the smell of asparagus.
  • My second favorite beverage is bubble tea.
  • Even though I have a driving license, I haven’t driven a car in many years. Busy traffic stresses me out.
  • Science fiction is my favorite genre of literature. 

I blog about anything that strikes my fancy.

Feel free to comment on any post or reach out to me.